Monday, November 30, 2015

Food Whore by Jessica Tom

It's no surprise that my fiction reading often has a food theme, right?

Food Whore by Jessica Tom is all about a grad student in a food program who gets involved with a major New York City food critic.

And by "involved," I don't mean dating. I mean she starts working for the food critic. And of course, the food critic isn't exactly who he appears to be. Which is kind of funny, because food critics often remain anonymous. Or at least they try to.

But anonymity is the issue. The issue is that, although he used to be a well-respected food critic, he's hiding a medical condition than makes it difficult to do his job. So, he enlists Tia Monroe, the grad student, to help him.

But, since he needs to stay anonymous, Tia can't tell anyone about her job, which makes it difficult for her at school, with friendships, and at her internship at a restaurant. And it strains her relationship with her boyfriend.

But is he really helping her? And what about that super-sexy chef she meets? And what's up with the roommates? And co-workers?

Overall, this was a fun read and Tia was a believable and sympathetic character, even when she made a few bad decisions.

I really wish the book was a tad longer. The last chapter of the book wrapped things up perhaps a little too quickly, but it was a satisfying end, so there's that.

I'd suggest this to anyone who likes reading food-related novels.