Monday, January 5, 2015

The Bane of Yoto by Josh Viola

Did I mention that this blog isn't going to be all cookbooks, all the time?

Yup, it's not.

It's not even going to be all food, all the time.

This time, it's a sci-fi novel, The Bane of Yoto by Josh Viola.

When it comes to fiction, I'm a big fan of sci-fi, mysteries, fantasy, and spy novels, and I'm not much of a fan of romance novels.

This book reminded me a lot of Dune with a splash of Lord of the Rings. There's the reluctant hero, the bad guys, and the believable fictional universe.

We meet Yoto when he is a frightened child, and he grows into an adult who is happier working within the system rather than fighting against it.

But of course. fate doesn't allow him to follow his intended path. Poor Yoto!

The characters drew me in from the beginning, and of course I was cheering for the good guys, all the way to the end. Speaking of the end, it was satisfying, but left the possibility of a sequel.

I have to say that I hope there is a sequel ... I really want to see what happens to Yoto and his planet.

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