Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Perfect Egg

The book, The Perfect Egg, landed on my doorstep right after I put 12 extra egg yolks in the refrigerator. Seemed like fate.

We like eggs here. A lot. When I'm not in the mood for cooking, or when I'm feeling a little off, it's a good bet that scrambled eggs are for dinner.

While I don't need a recipe for scrambled eggs, this book has one (in a section on basic cooking techniques) and it also had nine variations for deviled eggs. And egg pasta, egg sauces, and some eggs-cellent-looking recipes for egg-based ice cream.

There's pretty much nothing in this book that I don't want to make ... well, except I probably won't make the few recipes that include coconut. But that's not the eggs' fault. We're just not big fans of coconut.

On the other hand, the egg-lemon soup, the savory macarons, the nine variations of egg salad sandwiches, and the chocolate mousse all sound pretty good.

With most new cookbooks that I get, I bookmark a bunch of recipes and then narrow it down to which one I'm going to make first. Sometimes it's based on what I feel like eating, and sometimes based on how difficult it will be to source ingredients.

In this case, the decision was simple. I'll probably make one of the nine variations of frozen custard, because the recipe calls for exctly 12 egg yolks. The ice cream recipe will be over on Cookistry shortly.

It's fate, I tell ya. Fate.

I received the book from the publisher at no cost to me.

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